PLTPRO Data Centre

Colocation Racks

Colocation Racks

Servers and equipment need to be kept in a sterile, controlled environment to ensure the safety and integrity of their systems and data. We keep your servers and data, secure by using a  Cold Aisle Containment System, a green technology.

By combining improved airflow, energy efficient equipment, and controlled environment conditions, such as temperature and humidity, we can ensure equipment longevity, security, and productivity. This means that your data is safe, secure, and cost-efficient.

Private Cage

A sectioned-out area of the data centre barricaded with metal cage and secured with security features such as electronic lock and CCTV, to be accessed only by the customer with authorised clearance.

Each visitor is monitored through the CCTV and recorded for audit purposes in the future. Within the cage, the racks are secured by another layer of metal enclosure. This type of solution is ideal for companies that need to raise their security standard.

We are here to help your business stay in business.

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